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Having hot well over 2000 pigeons at our numerous dairies here in sd, I believe I have found the perfect spot to consistently and reliably bring them down almost every single time.

I wait until the pigeon faces me and hit them just above the breast and below the neck, this almost always severs their spine, and it is instant lights out, if the pellet goes a little high it will hit the head or the neck, if it goes a little low it will find the lungs or heart.

I would never, never, recommend a head shot! 
1-their head bobs around too much, the chance for a miss is incredibly high,
2 it is faar too small a target to gaurentee a kill shot, even a little breath of wind will push or lift or “press” your pellet down, up, or sideways and you have a miss.

right into the lower part of the neck is almost gaurenteed a dead pigeon every time.(With pigeon facing you)

one thing I would also give caution to is not to shoot a pigeon from the side, that main wing bone is insanely strong! I have seen my .25 caliber cricket at 48 foot pounds hit that wing bone, glance off and “Bam” you have a wounded bird on your hands that needs to be tracked down, and humanely dispached.

Front side spine shots are by far the most consistent kill shots for me.  Hope this helps……..