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I’m currently testing out a 3-12×44 UTG compact scope using a cheap modified weaver to dovetail adapter with the supplied UTG Weaver mounts……..

I bought two of these weaver to dovetail adapters from an Ebay retailer and modified them to use in tandem on my Hw95……..

After modding………

These adapters came with beefy 6mm stop pins but since I don’t like pointed stop pins I machined one similar to a dog point set screw……

I was surprised that the two base screws were rather small 4mm socket head screws however I was able to torque them down to 35in/lbs torque without stripping the threads, however after a few repeated removal/re-installation cycles the sockets of the rather soft Chinese screws did “cam out” so they were replaced with better hardware. The screws that came with the mount only had 12mm of thread so I decided to order some 12.5 grade socket button socket head screws that had 20mm of thread since the adapter was 22mm wide. These are the screws I ordered……..

Anywhoo…….the adapters, UTG scope and mounts do look rather silly but they do work surprisingly well together on my HW95…….

This two modified adapters mounted “end to end” have a combuned clamping length of 5 3/4″ plus a beefy modified stop pin. The scope height is a bit higher than I’m used to but even this seems to be working well when shooting some 18 yard targets upstairs in my “man-attic”!