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SmaugHey, welcome to the forum!

Did you read up yet on The Artillery Hold? It is important to know when shooting springers, and especially so for lightweight or especially powerful ones. Try that first; 82.3% that will solve all your problems. Premier domes will probably shoot well, but you owe it to yourself to try JSB and H&N pellets too. Each gun has a different preference.

By the way, what’s your .177 that you like so well? I’m a .177 guy myself. (haven’t tried anything else yet)

As for reliable scopes under a hunnerd bux, I like the Leapers/UTG scopes.. 4-16×40 is a great one. Can you swing $110? They’re a bit heavy, but they hold zero and have mil dots like you want. I have one on my Stoeger X20 and it works a treat. You need an adjustable objective, which it also has.

Not sure if you have a Weaver scope mount, but if not, you can get it without rings, I think.

Enjoy your stay!



I use the artillery hold ontop of a bipod, not one that goes on a rail.. Believe it or not, its a beat up crossman Storm XT. The scope is bent in the front, sling wore through while walking on gravel driveway and it had a free fall, but it has killed dozens, maybe even hundreds, of sparrows and dove for me. Even some of those dime groups i shot today when i was fine tuning it.. As for the .22, it has a weaver rail, and the $110 is workable, i have some expensive glass ($500+) on my powder rifles, and it makes all the difference, it is worth it in the end. I ordered some H&N crow magnums and more premier domes. I plan on using the crow magnums for raccoon and groundhog.