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I’m not saying I know for sure one way or another. In fact, I definitely don’t and haven’t seen anything I would  consider conclusive. 

My opinion is only based on what I see and the limited experience I’ve had of using the same air rifle with different length barrels. It could easily be changed. 

I have yet to see an air pistol match the accuracy of an air rifle of comparable quality, even if they set to output identical power. It is definitely possible for air pistols to output 20fpe and, as far as I know, people still aren’t using them to compete in BR or FT successfully against rifles. It clearly isn’t a power limitation as pistols are capable of hitting the max power allowed for matches.

I have a 25 cal Career 707 rifle and the carbine. Even if I set them up to fire the same projectile at the same speed, the rifle has the edge in accuracy beyond 50yards. A Marauder pistol does not do as well as the rifle beyond 30 yards. I think that would apply even if the rifle was tuned down to match the pistols power. 

I know there are a few people here who own both the mutant shorty and the standard. I would be interested to know their thoughts on comparative accuracy. They could be power matched fairly easily. I would consider that to be a good test because of how solid the platform is. I think it will minimize other variables. 

It might be something as simple as the extra weight of a longer barrel providing more stability upfront. 

Has there ever been a test on the effect of barrel length on airgun accuracy? I can think of a number of reasons why the results might differ from powder burners.