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“zebra”Most if not all the studies on this topic seem to be for powder burners. There is a number people who claim to have run studies that prove that length makes no difference for powder burners. They have results from their tests to support their claims (albeit with limited sample sizes). For some reason, nobody is listening because long range target guns are still not being sold with pistol barrels. Why?

There is the power thing but powder burners produce significantly more energy than air guns and adjusting the load has less of an impact on usability than increasing air usage, so they could easily compensate for shorter barrels.

It it is also worth noting that the most accurate air guns are rarely the most powerful ones at competition shooting distances. If anything, high price precision air rifles are tuned down to shoot at fairly modest speeds, so they are not relying on barrel length just for power.

Either way, I wouldn’t be using barrel length to choose an air gun or grade their accuracy. It means nothing on it’s own. 

Edgun seems to recommend the Morona rifle for long range accuracy. This also happens to be a long rifle. I doubt they’ll be recommending their pistol for long range competition any time soon. It’s for short range hunting while backpacking apparently. 


Length DOES matter in powderburners (and pcp’s), but mostly to gain speed and efficiency.
That’s also the reason for longer barrels, the pistol story you brought up is apples to oranges if you ask me. The pistol barrel just can’t give the desired speed. But it certainly can be dead accurate, at the cost of speed.
I’d rather have a shorter heavy barrel when looking for accuracy than a long skinny one.
Keep in mind barrel behaviour of PB’s and pcp’s is comparable in a lot of ways.