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quote   You don’t have to scrap a tank after 15 years.  That’s a DOT regulation that affects firefighting use.  No company will hydro test or fill it after 15 years but if you have your own compressor or nitrogen set-up you can continue using the tanks.  The tank in the link you provided have a non-standard valve so it will not work without a new valve.  If you have a tank by MSA, Surviveair, Scott, Drager or another popular brand with a CGA347 valve connection it’s fairly easy to buy parts and build a fill assembly yourself.

I understand the part about the tank, just a error on my part but he would need to know someone who would do it for him after the 15 year period has expired

What do you need to fill from compressor to scuba tank. I have a set of Joes B fill now, with a whip.. Is this what you are talking about?