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“Erik”Does a longer barrel give better accuracy?

I’ve been looking a lot at the Edgun Leshiy with 350mm barrel. That is shy of 13,8″. And here are some other Short barreled guns:

Edgun Leshiy: 350mm – 13,8″
Edgun Lelya: 295mm – 11,6″
Mutant Short: 280mm – 11″

Does this make the Leshiy the Most accurate of the bunch??? Or how does it work?

I am talking about the guns accuracy here and not the shooter, so human error is ignored. Pretend it is in a vice if that helps.

My Shorty barrel is around 13″. Is yours 11″?

On the question about accuracy, I think a longer barrel does improve accuracy if all else is equal. It’s not easy to prove one way or the other because all else is never equal. Even if you use two different length barrels in the same gun, no two barrels are equal. Plus the extra weight of the longer barrel helps with stability. 

I’m basing my opinion (and it’s only an opinion) on the fact that, for every gun I can think of that is available with multiple barrel lengths, the longer one is always more accurate and I don’t think it’s just the power. 

Also, there are no pistols that are more accurate (or even comparably accurate) to rifles made by the same company. 

If you’re talking about a difference of only 2″, I doubt the difference would be enough to matter. If you look at rifles made for long range accuracy, they almost always seem to have longer barrels.