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“airborne”When you buy a tank I was told get one for 4500 psi and 65 cu ft, here is a example on ebay. Tanks have a life of 15 years and some need to be hydro tested when you buy them. So if a guy is selling a tank that was built in 2006 for example, add 15 years to that and that will be the year the tank will get the year of 2021. I keep checking ebay and I have a guy I contacted for you already to see what he has, as I bought mine for a 100 bucks shipped with a 5 year life. if you live near a dive shop go there and ask them if they have any tanks
You can always try to use a hand pump. I did it a few times and then I was convinced I needed a air tank

You will also need the gauges and I read that Joe B has the best ones, so he may be able to hook you up. he has a banner at the bottom of the forum

This is a very addicting hobby, I am in it since May and I have bought several guns already so I have the sickness.. Good Luck to you

30 minute cylinder = 45 cu ft.
45 minute cylinder = 66 cu ft.
60 minute cylinder = 88 cu ft

You don’t have to scrap a tank after 15 years.  That’s a DOT regulation that affects firefighting use.  No company will hydro test or fill it after 15 years but if you have your own compressor or nitrogen set-up you can continue using the tanks.  The tank in the link you provided have a non-standard valve so it will not work without a new valve.  If you have a tank by MSA, Surviveair, Scott, Drager or another popular brand with a CGA347 valve connection it’s fairly easy to buy parts and build a fill assembly yourself.