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The 760 I have had since 1985 is the wood & metal anniversary 760….(has a rifled barrel).

Many years the 760 had a rifled barrel:

This was from a thread on another forum (post was from 2003)
Model 760 Powermaster

  • First variant. Wood stock and grooved wood forearm, brass bolt, smooth bore 1966-1970
  • Second variant with styrene stock & forearm & scope mount groove, brass bolt. Checkering on forearm 1971-1974
  • Third variant, self-cocking w/styrene stock & smooth wood forearm. 1974-1975
  • Fourth variant w/ABS stock & forearm. 1975-1977
  • Fifth variant w/manual cocking. Brass handle for bolt smooth bore 1977-1980

Model 760XL Powermaster brass finish on receiver and fancier plastic stock, rifled barrel 1978-1980 

  • Sixth variant w/plastic bolt. metal receiver, rifled barrel 1980-1983
  • Seventh variant w/plastic receivers & w/welded sights. 1983-1991

Model 760/20 Pneumatic, BB repeater, .177 cal., single shot pellet. 20th year commemorative metal receiver, rifled barrel. 1985
Model 760B Pneumatic, BB repeater, .177 cal. single shot pellet. (Model 760 w/ black stock & forearm) rifled barrel 1988-present

  • Eighth variant w/shortened barrel w/pressed on sights. Rifled barrel 1991-present
  • Ninth variant w/fiber optic front sight and 5 shot manual clip. smooth bore 1991-present