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Magnum springers are completely useless IMHO. It’s pure marketing, noting more, nothing less. For some reason, people who start shooting want something that’s has the most Ft/s and Ft/Lbf because it sounds cool when you have a gun that gives quite a punch. The people I know who bought guns like that, sold them after a few months (or even sooner) because they just couldn’t get it to shoot accurate. Waste of money if you ask me. Unless you’re an expert in the Artillery Hold, you can’t even consistently hit a Coke can beyond 35 yards with it. Nope, not my cup of tea.

I prefer high- to low-powered spring guns, anything that’s below 16 Ft/Lbf. My most powerfull break-barrel rifle is a Diana 340 Ntec that shoots just under 16 Ft/Lbf, and I’m able to shoot 1/2″ groups with it at 35 yards. But my HW30S that’s a bit over 6 Ft/Lbf shoots practically one hole groups at that distance, with no-wind conditions. Actually, the low-power guns are the most satisfying to shoot, like my HW30S and FWB300S.

Besides, try cocking a magnum springer for a whole day. Your arms will make the freaking Hulk jealous after that. :D