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“JoeWayneRhea”To me it’s a point where the gun becomes overpowered and accuracy goes down the tubes . Regardless of caliber on springers . I shot one of the 30 caliber Hatsans at the Texas show . ….Let me see if I can think of something uplifting and not negative to say about the experience . . . . . …Nope .
I’m fairly sure one of the ” boys ” now hangs lower than the other after cocking it , heavy as a landscape Timber and almost as long , trigger like a 40$ shotgun , and kicked like one too . When I hear the words ” Magnum springer ” I tune out .
I realise there are airgunners out there who can get their personal level of acceptable accuracy with a Magnum air rifle but I most definitely am not one of them .

Just out of curiosity Joe, would you still tune out after reading gamyrick’s post? For example, if you had shot one that was accurate, even if still hard to cock and shoot well?

To me, if it’s accurate, I could put up with a lot. Maybe not shooting all day, but it would have its place. Inaccurate though, doesn’t really have a place.