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On all the reviews I have watched by a so callled “expert”, I have seen very few negative reviews (if ever). Yes they all say a few things down about the rifle but they all conclude it is an amazing rifle, REALLY?. So……… if you really want the skinny on a rifle, I would watch the the regular Joe’s reviews (could he be biased?). If you want to see all the features and inovation of a gun watch AirgunWeb and others, I think they do a great job for this, but I think this is just the start of your research and evaluation of your next purchase. 

PS- Do I think they are biased, YES. Do I think they are liars, NO.
The good news is, that there are a lot of good rifles out there, and just like cars, there are “Ford guys”. If you happen to get a lemon, there are people out there to make it right. I have turned a lemon (a .22 Maruader), into a Lazer, at least for me.