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“jamieinmd”Thanks Steve, Now that I have the power and sound tuned to where I like it, I definately want to look into a trigger mod. 

What do you know about the safeties ? I have to hold the bolt against the hammer and simultaneously take the gun off of safe to get it to fire. 

I didn’t mention in my previous post that I installed an RL Shroud on my gun too. GREAT PIECE OF ENGINEERING. Unlike others that rely on a grub screw to hold it in place, this one uses a threaded bushing as well as multiple baffles with alignment cups. It is as quiet if not quieter than a Marauder. The service from RL and Airguns Of Texas is outstanding. 

I have a “few” Condors and they all have R&L shrouds on them, if this shroud was not made I seriously doubt I would have a Condor. These shrouds are by far the nicest looking and don’t stand out at all.

I also took out the anti de-cocking pin on all my guns …. a huge difference in the field, I can decock the gun, very important for me. It now has a manual safety and that is OK for my use.

Here is one of my 25Cal babies ;-  )