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Paul! I have never blamed you for the benches at your club. I completely understand The pecking order at rifle/pistol clubs – my club is 3000 member strong -and they spend monies on what they deem profitable – hell we can’t get em to buy us new metal  silhouettes ! The shot gunners and 3 gun are the money makers! Not the BB guns!
But I do think any club that is going to sponsor a USARB event should have at least average benches — you’ve gotta admit Paul, those benches are the worst –
I was mad at your flu-Bar event in that not one person told me about the Braces Hanging on the wall !- and I do believe they all knew about it?-
‘the fellow sitting next to me was pounding his own piece of wood into the rear of his table! And it didn’t hit me till I sat down for my first card ! 
Every time I’d put my arm down or change Posistions  slightly – my cross hairs would move two bulls over! 
It was brought to my attention recently by a world class shooter, wo had this to say, about all this hoopla over wobbly benches and I quote –“I liken shooting off wobbly benches to playing golf on a course that doesn’t get mowed.  It’s the same for everybody….but most guys will just find somewhere else to go.” 
Anyway Paul my hat goes off to you for organizing these events, clubs for air rifles are few and far between —
hell if I lived closer, I’d pitch in to make the forms for concrete tops and pedistals – ( I’m still running a company ) 
‘I really do believe the outlay of cash for 10 to 12 pre-fab benches would probably be under 2000 dollars –
let me close by saying Paul. When I type on this forum about wobbly benches – it’s not a dig to you or any other club –
I’m only telling fellow shooters that to achieve their highest potential – they should sit at concrete benches —
hell Paul – I won your Flu -bar at the first of the year, on the wobbliest bench I’d ever sat at! Then went on to win the next match up in North Florida – wooden benches again—so you see, I can shoot competitively on any bench —
and again I do realize that you were sick that day, because you would have surly told me about the condition of the benches before I’d sat down and ruined my first card! That was my only point of anger – and not directed at you Paul —
‘you do a good job with getting your club to host any events – I wish my club would but as I’ve written in other venues – not one of them has any interest in shooting air rifle BenchRest or field target -only firearms 
take Care