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Since I have gotten my bull dog I have been doing a bit of playing with her ….. This gun is very, very powerful and she is loud … loud to the point that today was my first shot and my right ear hurt from the loud report. For me this is a earplug gun !

​I gave her two twist up on the hammer spring so I’m now getting a nice bell curve of 779, 819, 795 and 785 fps .. I did not shoot a fifth shot. This is a 4 shot gun and one for emergencies as the way I look at it.

​I’m deciding if I want to open up the valve/barrel port to ~.250+ … time will tell, but she will get another ~35 – 50 fps with this modification and that is a good amount of energy difference on these heavy slugs.

​From my very, very, very  limited experience shooting with this gun .. ONE DAY .. She is a hunting powerhouse for Yotes, 100lb ish Pig and Medium Deer and other critters of that ilk ! This is not a gun I would even consider for GS and Jacks. The smallest game I would go after would be Big Coon, Big Possum, etc. , this is a serious medium game hunting gun, and as I said, it  is very powerful and loud. This is a 50-75 ish yard gun I think depending on what you are hunting and the accuracy of your gun and pills.

​For me this gun is so powerful and loud I have reservations on where to shoot it. Most of the places I shoot have ranch houses 400 – 600+ yards away …  This gun would bring attention to me shooting and the police would be on their way for sure, not to mention the power it has if you should have a ricochet – My airgun shooting places are now out of the question for this gun.

​Just my thoughts after a day of shooting with my Bulldog