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Let’s see the first problem you are having where the reg pressure goes up with the fill pressure is an inner oring within the reg is leaking by. Just about every sealing surface in this gun is sealed with two orings with a whole in the middle to direct air flow to where it needs to go. One of the oring that directs bottle pressure is leaking by the reg and into the regulated chamber. Check the weep hole below the safety and see if you have a really slow leak at this point. 
From my experience when my gun would start shooting erratic shot strings the poly oring that the hammer strikes everytime you shoot would be worn out and cut from the hammer striking it. I’ve had that oring split and get pinched between the valve rod and the hammer causing resistance inturn not letting the valve open exactly the same every time causing slow shots and then fast shots. I just replaced mine with the same size oring but a buna 90 black oring and I haven’t had anymore issues.
Hope this helps.