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Issues persist:
It held air overnight, but it seems to be losing air between shots; I notice if I have a break between shots, reloading, checking targets, or whatever reason, it loses power/velocity, then next shot with no pause in between is right back where it should be. Even in normal steady pace of shooting I have seen some pretty wide spreads 15-30 FPS, historically the gun was below 10 FPS on the spread. I’m pretty sure the front  end of the valve tube is good after dressing the sharp edges, but I won’t know for sure till it comes apart again
Now a new issue; after 250 bar refill it shot very weak, I got to looking and the reg. pressure was equalized with the fill pressure, reg. reading 250 bar and shooting very weak. I removed the bottle and bled the system off and reinstalled the bottle, all good, fill pressure 250 bar, reg pressure 150 bar. Shot it down and filled again with the same result, reg. pressure ran up to fill pressure of I haven’t touched the reg. on this gun, and there really isn’t anything mechanical to become out of tune over time. I cant see much benefit in simply disassembling and reassembling the reg. but if that’s what must be done, I will.

Does anybody know what the overall valve rod length should be, and exactly how it’s measured? One of the techs at the shop mentioned this is critical but didn’t provide the measurement value. If I have to tear it back apart I want to make sure its as right as possible.

Thanks again