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0akhonorI’m looking forward to an aftermarket support offering like the Marauders have- where even my toolchest can transform the standard pistol into a handgun limited only by imagination and my credit card ceiling.
Rifle stocks, multiple calibers, LDC’s and various sights. This may be my new EDC airpistol for my car (for those squirrels of opportunity moments)

I hope Mrodair keeps importing these pistols!! Only thing I would like changed is have them switch to some decent quality orings as the current factory orings are the worst I have ever seen. Placed an order for 40 of every needed size and just switched out both my .25 and .177 as they both were leaking.

These guns are so easy to caliber swap and work on. If they drilled and tapped 2-3 set screws in the top of the breech from the factory, caliber changes would simply be drop in if they offered barrels.

This pistol holds so much opportunity!!