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I’ve emailed altraos about their compressor and was told you supply 70 to 140psi from one air source and it will do the rest .I also asked if I needed additional moisture/water separator and they said no.
This booster/compressor has got me excited and very interested in buying one in the next couple of months.i already have a oiless compressor soo all I gotta do now is purchase the altraos compressor and gtg.the compressor looks to be 555 euros which I think is about 625$ USD plus shipping.the compressor looks to have a 2 year warranty,runs cool,long times between rebuilds and easy plus cheap to rebuild.
I watched some videos on it and it seemed to auto cut off and auto top off as the bottle cooled to get a true full fill.
I just might take the plunge on this one soon enough.:)