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You are likely right in your ealier scope choices, John, BUT springers do show a pronounced two way recoil – 1st is hard (but usual/expected); 2nd in the opposite direction is the supposed “scope killer” and can also twist the gun somewhat – the rapid change between point 1 & 2 is what does for some scopes.

Leupold scopes have never let me down – they may not appear to be exciting compared with other brands offering more ‘bells & whistles’ but they always have very good glass and dependable adjustments.
Redfield scopes were even better on the mechanical robustness side (just quality of engineering really) until they started using ‘El Cheapo’ lens mounts – the concept was good, but the materials were [email protected] in the long term. They then went bust.

What I’m saying is you may have examples (there) of riflescopes made to perform AND LAST,

newer scopes may not meet both of those criteria (wink, wink).