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No airgun is really for everyone. We all have our own needs and individual taste, knowledge and capability. 

If a friend told me he was thinking of getting into airguns and asked me for a recommendation, I probably wouldn’t suggest an FX Impact for a beginner. 

For a start, the six month waiting list. It’s one thing if you already have a collection of PCP rifles to use while you wait but I wouldn’t want to go without anything for that long. 

I am sure that anyone could acquire the necessary knowledge to use an FX Impact if they are prepared to do some research and watch some YouTube clips but, not everyone can be bothered for that. You have to be an enthusiast for it to be worth it. 

I remember when I first got into PCP guns, it was enough of a challenge just to use a fill probe without leaks. I found all the terminology very confusing and I had no idea what a regulator was. That info might be here and on YouTube but I wouldn’t have even known to look it up. I just wanted something to point and shoot. 

The FX Impact has some great features but it’s also very expensive. If you don’t have a need for the extra features, the FX Wildcat or one of the other less expensive bullpups might be a better option for certain people. 

Then there is the purpose. It’s not a field target or BR gun so it’s not ideal for those guys. It’s a hunter / plinker for enthusiasts. 

The Impact appeals to me and I intend to buy one at some point (if they ever have one in stock). If it was the first pcp gun I ever used, it probably would have put me off the hobby completely.