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@michael  Yea I know but I don’t have a smart phone since they do not work at my location and I rarely have a camera at dusk since ambient lighting is a big deal without a flash. I like photography and I like hunting BUT I have trouble integrating the two without impacting the experience.

@jking  I know a guy that has some of his bunnies so tame they come when called and take food from his hand.
(PS on a separate note you might want to be waiting at the Auto Parts Store my friend)

@wll2506  chronyed the gun at 2000 psi and got 800 fps (111 ft/lb) and at 3000 psi got 900 fps (140 ft/lb) (reweighed my projectiles with new batteries and they weigh 78 grains)

Note: the “Cat” enjoyed this bunny greatly!  What was left over is tonight’s Coyote bait (time to try out the new NiteSite Viper). ;)