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I made the parts myself on my lathe, drilled the 1mm (!) inner transfer port of the power adjustment to 4.5mm, drilled open the valve retainer and added an o-ring to seal it, made a hammer weight and installed the SHP valve (Super HighPower)
Stock valve seat is 4mm, the SHP 5.5mm.
My full power R400FT 4.5mm has the small valve and valve seat, no hammer weight, and the closed valve retainer. Apparently, it is not needed to propell the tiny 4.5mm pellets at 24 joules☺

My advice is to buy the “Japan kit”, all the parts you need are in it. It is very easy to install.

The Royales are a dream to shoot offhand, very light, and well balanced. Although my 1kg Sightron 10-50 scope makes it quite a bit bulkier😆

You are right about the 480cc’s, and another plus is, you can fill it to 250bar vs 232bar on a regulated Royale😉

Regards, Gijs