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I can only give personal experience.

For me, it has been a tie between my Diana 56TH, TX200 and HW30s, but I’ve only compared them at up to 14 yards, which is the maximum length of my basement range. 

HOWEVER, to be fair, we should qualify at what range and shooting conditions. Because at ranges of more than 10m, isn’t it usual to shoot outdoors? In that case, any kind of wind is going to take the low-powered ones down a notch. It might knock the FWB300 and HW30s right out of the running.

Of my guns above, the Diana 56TH would probably easily win at longer ranges outdoors, as it can shoot heavier pellets at higher velocities, thus bucking the wind better. Also, no hold sensitivity, as with the FWB300. It easily shoots well out to 60 yards, so far.

Do you know what though? For targets and plinking, my favorite is the HW30s. It is just SO much easier to handle as a result of being so much lighter. Easier to cock is nice too. I think everyone should own one.

I’d love to shoot a FWB300 some day. It would have the shooting comfort and easy cocking that I like from the HW30, and maybe more accuracy. Not sure about the scope hassles though. Maybe I’ll try to buy one when bonus time comes around again.