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The Impact has alot going for it:  it is light, has a high shot count, has a super smooth action, the action is well placed so you can keep looking though the scope at a target and reload and has the ability to have multiple calibers on one receiver. And from an adjustability perspective pretty much everything is exposed so you don’t need to take it apart to make changes. If you understand the adjustments then they are great for experimenting and dialing in a particular pellet. After you have that done, I don’t think you are going to use them again.  It’s not like you can have it zero’d at 25 yards on power level 3 then say “I want to shoot a bird at 10 yards so I’m going to dial back to 1” or “I  need full power for a coon at 50 so I’m going to dial up to Max”.  The point of Impact changes significantly with a change in power on the smooth twist barrels – both on the vertical and horizontal.  And a barrel change to another caliber means rezeroing the scope too.  

And they still aren’t coming out of the box issue free at this point. I’m not going to repeat here what I’ve already posted about my experience with an Impact.  I’m ending my Impact reviews and returning mine for a refund today.

To answer the original post, no it is not a step above and no if I could only have 1 PCP the Impact would not be my choice.   The question to your answer really depends on what you want to use it for.  If you want to have a quiet/low power .22 for popping a chipmunk of a rock in your back yard with neighbors close by then turn around the next day and put the 30 barrel on it , and re zero the scope to shoot a coon or ground hog at say 50 yards in a farmers field then the Impact can be fine.  If you are looking for long range accuracy, I think you need to look elsewhere to a fixed barrel full size rifle.  Yes, the Impact made a showing at the extreme bench rest, but if you look at the 100M results from the phoenix air gun club the month after EBR to up until last month, there isn’t 1 Impact that I can find in the list.  It’s mostly FX Boss, RAW, and Daystate.  There is probably a good reason for that.  If you look at Matt as an example, even after he got his Impact he is using his Wolverine for long range bird shooting including his longest bird head shot.