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I said it was not for beginners because there are 5 ways mentioned in the owners manual to void your warranty plus disclaimers on what they can’t tell you about how to adjust it in the owners manual.  Unless one is an experienced air gunner or really understand how it works, you can damage it by misusing the adjustments on the gun.  Fixing an issue with the Impact yourself may not be simple (unless you are someone like Ernest) and can void your warranty.  My new Impact need $1400 of repair (covered under warranty) so you definitely don’t want to void it.


All the current inventory at AoA will need no limit rings to fix the barrel to scope rail alignment issue.  Current  regulators are doing 30fps spread over 1 magazine on some settings.  I’m not anti FX – I have a FX Ranchero that is awesome – but the Impact still needs refined.

Yes, it is great (for experienced users) that FX took all the adjustments that are normally ‘hidden’ in the stock (and not documented) and exposed them.  It’s kind of like putting all the carburetor / fuel injector and spark timing adjustments on a driver’s dashboard in a car.  Yep, great for someone experienced in engine tuning.  Not so great for the average driver who doesn’t really understand how everything interacts in an engine.  And yea, if you lean out the fuel in the car or adjust the timing too far forward trying to make the most power  – and go too far  – it can cause detonation and can ruin the engine.  And doing that will not be covered under your car’s warranty. 

AoA did a great job of working on the gun, but there are still things they can’t fix which is why I’m returning mine for a refund and ending my review of the gun and repairs today.