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The trigger mod was very easy to do, and the break is crisp, and the pull is sub 3lb. Many Charlie Tuna trigger users preferred the bearing mod. I cant say for sure since I never tried that trigger. I am extremely happy with my trigger action now. This Nitro Venom is not overly powerful, I think its a 13 ft lb rifle, which I need for the particular varmints I got it for.

I ordered a Hammers 3x9x40 AO scope and monoblock mount a couple of days ago. I am looking forward to having a decent scope on it, as I am very confident up to 35-40 yards with it as is. If I can make that range use easier with the new scope, I am a happy camper. I own 2 nitro pistons and a springer. they are all enjoyable for me to use.Let us know what you pick!

I’m just thinking about it now, probably won’t buy anything else any time soon. I have the 12 FPE Vortek kit on the way for my TX200 (hopefully here tomorrow) and I’m going to put that in first and get it shooting reliably well. After that, I’ll be a pro tuner (yuk yuk yuk) and may not have a desire for a gas springer any more.

Or, maybe I’ll sell/trade/give away my Stoeger X20 and think about what to replace it with. Maybe a Diana 340 Luxus and go through it to debur and tune it up properly. I don’t think I want/need any more Chinese airguns. It seems to me that the triggers can be greatly improved, but the other areas they may be lacking are not such an easy fix, and it is probably just better to start with a quality rifle. I don’t really want to support a company that installs terrible, heavy triggers just to satisfy the lawyer. (Crosman)