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Feral cats are indeed a sink for the rabies virus.  Sadly many people will put out food for stray cats but don’t have the grace to actually bring those animals to a shelter or adopt them.  This results in a LARGER stray animal population because the strays now have food.  That food encourages reproduction.  Reproduction of animals which become strays.  Once there is a significant population of stray cats they compete with the native fauna for resources.  Eventually one of the cats will contract rabies from a fox or racoon or skunk and transmit it into the local cat population.  Then you have a problem because their population becomes a sink for the virus.  They then pass the virus back into the native animal population and the circle is complete.  My daughter was bitten by her pet cat years ago.  He was a house cat that was allowed to roam as we lived in the woods.  Cat had to be put down, very disappointing for a 14 year old girl.  Child had to get rabies shots…  I wish people with tender hearts would take a little more time to understand the results of their actions, sometimes.