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Tough question. 
The Impact is pretty special, that’s for sure! I’ve had mine longer than most people have. Ive gone through about 40 lbs of pellets with it… literally. (I just cleaned out my shot box a few days ago and now have about a 40lb lump of pellet lead.) I’ve had a lot of fun tuning it and have learned a lot in the process. It’s my first .30 cal air rifle and, WOW, those .30’s are something else! Ultimately, I don’t think I can answer that question. I would lean towards yes because of the ability to have so many calibers with one gun. It’s like having a pile of guns instead of just 1. I would lean towards no because I am more comfortable with some of my other FX rifles. Since I’m more comfortable with these, I think I shoot them more accurately. That being said, I’m not saying the Impact isn’t accurate. I shot my best long distance group ever with it, which was 1-5/16″ at 150 yards. I personally just do better with traditional style rifles. I wish FX would come out with a new Royale that as easily adjustable and has as many adjustments as the Impact. Even if it did not have the swappable barrels.
If I HAD to… was FORCED to… MADE to choose and make this decision… then, yes, I would keep the Impact over the others because of the multiple smooth twist barrels and calibers on a small platform that’s so intimately adjustable with large capacity magazines. But I certainly would be sad to see my other rifles go away.