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“iride”That looks cool Zebra.
Different but cool.
I envy your skills,
Still waiting on my Carbon fiber Cricket stock,
Lighter than the stock Mutant, That’s getting lite.

There is some thinking behind the design (although not much because I didn’t have long).

The Shorty is rear-balanced and I prefer it when bullpups are center balanced or where the balance is just forward of the grip like on the Cricket and Wildcat etc. To shift the balance forward, I had to design it so there was more material in the forearm than in the middle. With this design, the balance is over the trigger guard. 

The triggerguard / forearm was designed with a flat underside around the center of balance to allow a bipod rail to be attached, or, for it to rest in the palm of my hand for off-hand shooting (which is more likely with the shorty)

The rounded forend is mainly because I didn’t like the square look of the original stock so I thought I might prefer it without the corners. I do. It also feels much nicer to hold. It’s a more natural grip but still very stable to rest on. 

I don’t really like the back. The only real “design” with it is the angle of the recoil pad. It’s at an angle instead of straight which I think works better for a bullpup. On other bullpup stocks, I find myself only using the bottom tip of the recoil pad to position it so I don’t have to use high scope rings. That doesn’t make for a stable hold. I borrowed this idea from the FX Bobcat. 

You should have a go. It’s fun making things. This type of material is very easy to work with because it’s so forgiving. If you make a mistake, you can just add more material and try again. Much easier than wood.