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Travis at Wicked Air Rifles (aka WAR) sells an SSG for the Marauder, but it’s expensive.  I think if you call him he has an option for a Disco/Maximus but it isn’t listed on the website.  The SSG (Stopping Spring Guide) is a method of modifying the stock hammer in the airgun that dramatically reduces hammer bounce and improves efficiency.  If you have some tools and time you can do it yourself.  I don’t have the time, so I bought one from WAR.  It doesn’t do anything for the power, but it does increase shot count…unless you’ve tuned for a high speed shot, then there’s not much to be done to help with shot count then.  I have a stock Maximus in .22.  I’ve done nothing to it but clean the barrel.  I get about 20-25 usable shots and it’s extremely accurate. My most accurate gun actually.