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“RickM”I have a MCX, after 3 months started leaking CO2 out the receiver and would jam all the time. Sent it back to Sig and they paid the shipping which was nice. Haven’t shot it to much since I got it back but all good now. Bought a MPX from Pyramyd Air, started leaking CO2 half way thru the first mag. Sent it back for another one and that one started leaking just after getting the red dot sighted in. Sent it back to Pyramyd for my money back.

I also have the Beretta CX4. The Beretta is a  lot lighter than my MCX and the trigger has a slight edge as you don’t feel the belt indexing as you squeeze the trigger. Mags are also easier to load with the CX4. Currently the MCX seems to have the edge in accuracy at 20 yards. In all fairness my CX4 also broke after a couple months (cracked receiver) and Beretta sent me a new one and that was a year ago, no issues with this one. The head to head Airgun Depot did a few months ago is a good read that I would have to agree with.

I’ve found the RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol 7.0 grain Wadcutters to shoot the best in my CX4. They also shoot well out my MCX. 

I found the same thing with every co2 gun I ever bought. They never lasted. The ones that were the most fun always broke first too. That full auto mini Uzi was great fun for the three weeks it lasted. 

It would take a lot to make me buy another Co2 gun. The only 2 that have tempted me in the last year have been the Air Ordnance SMG 22 and the Drulov 9mm co2 gun (but not enough to buy one).

Now if Sig made a version of the MCX that fired 9mm or 7.62mm pellets at 400-500 fps in semi or full auto, it would be hard not to buy one for the squirrels.