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ARWhat would be the advantage/disadvantage of electronic wolverine vs the airwolf?  

Having owned a pulsar….and now a wolverine hilite…..the self indexing magazine is awesome. Never have to worry about double loading a pellet. It just works flawlessly. Second, and quite insignificant unless talking high power applications, the breech block on the wolverine is massive/robust. The barrel mount in the breech has alot of surface area. I have about 1500 rounds thru my wolverine with no poi shift whatsoever. Last week I went walking and plinking where I hunt out back. I carried the rifle with the scope… a handle in between the sportsmatch mounts just to see if it would shift. Didnt phase it one bit. Not making a habit of carrying it like that, I was just curious. I have had the action off the stock 2 times to make trigger adjustments, both times I mounted the action back in stock with no poi shift. My turrets have remained locked on my scope since I sighted it in.