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No, my new barrels both have extendable shrouds.  Yes, mine originally was not accurate (1″ + groups) at 50 yards with both .25 and .30 barrels.  Baxter and I both think the BT 65 was damaged in shipping – this is how I found it when I got home.  That two guns damaged in the last few months by USPS this year, and I still haven’t got the first claim resolved!

It was insured, so it’s going back to him for inspection.


My reg is also up around 150 bar now (my exact settings are in a post above).

I’ll move from the 25g to the 34g and see if that helps with fps variation today.  I don’t have a pellet gauge for .25 (yet) but do sort pellets to 1/10 of a grain on my Gempro 250 for accuracy shooting.