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Project is a little stalled as I am waiting for a friend with a CNC router to cut some of my  38mm thick 7075 T6 alloy
tooling plate into some smaller manageable sizes that my mill will handle.  
So in the down time i have put together a basic bench rest adjustable stock. 
After ripping down some 16mm alloy plate I roughed out the curves and finished it on the linisher. 
I had first intended on using hollow tube for the stock parts but have decided on solid 6061 T6 1″ and 5/8″
solid round bar as I need a little more weight in the rear to balance the heavier front end cylinder. 
Its still surprisingly light and may need some additional ring weights added to the lower rear bag tube
once its all cut to length, fitted and tested on the rifle. 

I have also milled the rear valve/plug down to an inch to mate up to the receiver with a forward drop angle that
challenged me and my little milling machine a bit I have to admit.
I wanted to add a little shape and some angles rather than the usual basic lines.
It should come together well with the trigger guard design and lower bipod picatinny rail mount etc.