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That’s good news.

I guess you only really need to shape the left edge of the pellet hole but smoothing it all won’t do any harm.

What I visualise happening is.. As you push the cocking forward, the thin part of the probe pushes the pellet on it’s way and as the pellet moves through/out of the mag the mag centre (being under Spring tension) is trying to move clockwise and when the fat part of the probe meets the mag the probe is contacting the left edge of the mag centre.  As I said above, on my mag you could clearly see the evidence of this with the damage.

May well be why a lot of owners say they “get easier to load with use”. Well they would do as the mag edge gets slowly nipped away.

I reckon an engineer could make a really slick version by remaking the pellet probe as a constant taper like a knitting needle.  No chance of snagging that way at all, would be really slick.

Or just round off the fat part of the pellet probe.