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I’ve never tried shooting any other high-quality springer than my .22 TX200 MK3.  I’ve used it to hone my shooting skills, and continue to do so.  And when I first became able to shoot it well, I declared that it was as accurate as any of my PCPs. 

One of lesser build quality and what felt like it had a ten-pound trigger pull, I also shot and owned a Crosman/Mendoza RM-522 break-barrel many years ago.  That springer had a very flimsy, unchoked, and oversized barrel (ID) that no matter what pellets I fed it they would just slide loosely almost an inch from the loading end just from gravity alone when the muzzle was pointed down.  Obviously, it’s not a springer that can even be compared to such springers from Air Arms, Weirauch, Walther, etc.