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really this shouldn’t be a factor the tubes are rated for a max fill and even then the cylinder itself probly rated for much higher now the way I look at it the tube is fine is the valve is what would concern me being held under that kind of psi means the weight for firing it should be pretty hefty and my first thought is how long till the valve stem goes bad
also with ataman the thing that’s made m scratch my head is the shot count with high psi fill and they say the gun is regulated now I’m no exspert but shouldn’t a regulator increase shot count while maintaining consistance Shots per Fill20Body TypePistolFixed/adj. powerFixedWeight2.2 lbsGrip SizeMediumCylinder Size108 ccShroudedYes​yet only suppose to give you 20 shots now I get that its at 18 fpe but really to me
​id rather take a prod for 350 and customize the hell out of it with the extra 500$
​and its cylinder is only 65 cc and the it can be regulated now
​mind you I am comparing this it the long version of the atman pistol I’m just seem to be missing the it better part for he cost