Reply To: This Tank?



Marksman3006a scuba shop close to me has used and new old stock scba tanks for sale for about 60 bucks. They look to be about the size of a Joe Tigershark. Some of them have 9 to 10 years left. They would need a valve assembly. If anyone is intrested google Scuba Ventures in Shreveport Louisiana and give them a call. If they wont ship it then pm me…..they are right down the road from me…..I could pick one up for somebody and ship it to you.

Just got back from scuba ventures to get my great white filled. The guy that owns the place said people started calling from all over the U.S. out of the blue to buy up those scba tanks. He sold all 25 tanks in like 2 or 3 days. He even said some people got impatient one day because his card machine was down lol!!! He thanked me and gave me a free refill…..said he made some money selling those 25 tanks. Post up here if you bought one. Makes me feel good knowing I helped quite a few people out.