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“ashes5”Some people swear at them some swear by them!! I got one of the first ones 30 cal. I haven’t had any problems.  I shot a 1.25 group 9 shots at 100 yards with it. I had to do some adjusting for the wind but once I got it in the shots fell right in. I wish I had the 25 cal. Conversion just for shot count and cost/rnd. 
A lot of the negatives you see are the same people. But there has been some issues and you can’t blame people for being mad about issues on a 1800.00 dollar gun.

1.25 group 1.25cm or inches?! Impressive either way, but if it’s cm, I’ll remove the concerns I raised about reliability in the post above!

I think it’s possible (easy) to switch calibres between .177 and .22 on the FX Impact (if you’re willing to pay for an additional barrel) – is this still the case for 25 and 30?