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I think 35 yards should be a good range for springers to decide their accuracy. When it comes to low-powered springers, these have dominated that list for ages:

  1. Feinwerkbau 300 series
  2. Diana 75
  3. Walther LGR

They should, all three are true match rifles. The most accurate modern (non-match) springers are again built by the same German companies:

  1. Feinwerkbau Sport ( )
  2. Diana 56TH
  3. Walther LGU
  4. Weihrauch HW30S

I’ve shot all of them, and (as you know) still own the FWB300S and HW30S. I love every inch of those rifles. In my opinion, and from a technical standpoint, the FWB300S the best spring rifle ever built, bar none! The most accurate gasram I ever shot (and still own) is the Diana 340NTec Luxus Professional.

These are mine, and they will NEVER leave my house.



Diana 340