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Don’t own an FX Impact, but my initial concern is that it might be too light. Matt, and Ted seem to have nothing but praise for the lightweight construction (particularly the carbon fibre air cylinder), so maybe it’s just my impression of the rifle. I also like the more traditional look in a rifle, and in this respect the FX Impact looks more like a functional prototype. It lacks a certain charm. Still, it seems to produce extremely stable, accurate shots in an impossibly efficient manner, and is probably a contender for the top 3 quietest air rifles on the market today.

But it’s also a very new gun, and my primary concern would be: reliability. There are already quite a few common issues with the rifle – barrel alignment (soft metal is increasingly deformed), barrel movement even when locked, first stage trigger locking after cocking, telescopic shroud jamming, inaccurate/defective pressure gauge, etc. Not to mention difficulties in accessing the fill port (more of a design issue, than an aftermarket problem)

Barrel alignment issue(s)

Trigger issue

I would be curious to know if these issues remain prevalent, and whether Matt, or Ted have encountered any so far. We might tell that something’s up if Matt starts shooting the Wolverine again – lol

My own impression of the FX Impact is that 1,600 GBP ($1,800?) is a lot of money to pay for something with teething problems like these.

Would also be very interested to hear from FX Impact shooters.