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“Smaug”I think I’m going to eventually try a .22 nitro piston gun. Probably will settle for a Crosman ($200) and find a good aftermarket trigger, ($30) rather than spend near $1k for a fancy European one.

I see that BSA makes an affordable gas piston gun. Maybe that’d be a step higher than Crosman, but not an RX2 class.

I have a Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk 22 and once I did the bearing mod on the trigger and removed the extra tension spring , loctited everything and broke it in I really like it. I am currently waiting on a new scope for it since I feel it deserves better than the craptastic centerpoint 4×32. Its a heavy rifle so recoil is minimal, long barrel so cocking is easy and the heavy 22 pellets keep the FPS at accurate velocities.

Does the trigger mod you did give it a crisp break? If not, look into aftermarket trigger assemblies. I put one (Charlie da Tuna) into my Stoeger X20, and it is a whole new gun. It’s not a light break, still maybe 4-5 lbs., but it is crisp and predictable, which made all the difference.

You’re right about the scope. In my opinion, airguns, even 50 yard springers/gassers, need at least 9X to approach what they’re capable of doing.

I’ve had good luck with the Leapers 3-12 and 4-16 scopes. They’re heavy, but they hold zero and they’re not too dear.

The trigger mod was very easy to do, and the break is crisp, and the pull is sub 3lb. Many Charlie Tuna trigger users preferred the bearing mod. I cant say for sure since I never tried that trigger. I am extremely happy with my trigger action now. This Nitro Venom is not overly powerful, I think its a 13 ft lb rifle, which I need for the particular varmints I got it for.

I ordered a Hammers 3x9x40 AO scope and monoblock mount a couple of days ago. I am looking forward to having a decent scope on it, as I am very confident up to 35-40 yards with it as is. If I can make that range use easier with the new scope, I am a happy camper. I own 2 nitro pistons and a springer. they are all enjoyable for me to use.Let us know what you pick!