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Personally I consider where it is built and to what the country standards they have to test.  As an overall consideration I would feel marginally better to select a higher pressure cylinder and only fill it to say 80%.  Being that it is a Russian made gun, that does not mean the tank is or not made in Russia and that depends on your experience with Russian technology.  I personally have found that they are just like anyone else, they have their well engineered designs and some that are a little closer to the margins of acceptable.  I know this does not help that much but I would tend to fall to the side of it is a pretty well made gun and that the design has been tested.  Due diligence on your part might be in order to prove out the quality.
As far as the pressure being a consideration in my purchase?  Absolutely.  Higher working pressures mean less fills from my tanks, more time to refill to higher pressures on the compressor.  More wear and tear on the compressors, as they work the hardest at the top of their rated ranges.  So yes, I prefer lower fill pressures.  Like on my Vulcan it can be filled to 250bar, but I only fill it to around 220bar.  Still plenty of shots with an extra margin of safety and less wear and tear all round.