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“NMshooter”AA has beautiful rifles but needs to “up their game” or they will continue to lose market share to FX, Kalibrgun,Daystate and the rest. There really is no reason for rifles at the $1,000.00 mark and up to not be regulated and moderated and a decent shot count! The safety and fill port are just small issues. The new Galahad .25 is rated at 32 FPE, really? Why would someone in the US buy this when their competitors are shooting at 40-50 FPE. Air Arms may find themselves like BSA (bought up by GAMO) if they don’t stay with the competition. I personally would like to have an AA rifle if they would make the necessary changes for the US market!!!!


Hope you are reading Air Arms!

I shared this opinion (and mostly still do) but having seen the consistency of some of the strings for 22 cal Daystate guns, I think there might be an exception to this rule. If they can achieve the same consistency without it, there is an argument for saying that a regulator is just another part that could go wrong. 

FX already has a few circa $1,000 guns but offering one with a reg as standard is a nice/needed touch. Shame it doesn’t use a bottle though like the Tx-12 but you can’t have everything. 

I think it will have more competition from the BSA R-10 MK2 which is a regulated bottle gun in a similar price range than the S510. Also, the Daystate Regal – while not regulated, the strings are consistent like regulated guns and they are now comparably priced. 

BTW, the Galahad is 32fpe in 25 cal because it’s an S510 in bullpup stock. That’s their words, not mine. It’s in the sales blurb on the PA site. It’s not a terrible thing because the S510 is a nice gun but not at $1700. You can buy an S510 and a walnut bullpup stock for less than the price of a Galahad. They did add a reg option though so they are starting to listen to customers. Still, I look at the other options for similar money and can’t see why I would choose a Galahad but that’s just me. I haven’t heard from anyone why it’s worth FX Impact money yet. If the price was consistent with their other guns, I might be tempted to take a chance on regulated 22 carbine. Their looks have kinda grown on me.

It’s all just speculation until we see real world reviews for now.