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Ok, wasn’t going to post it here as didn’t want to ruin the OP’s thread.  If you want me to take it down OP, I will..

Love my Vulcan but the cocking has always annoyed me, probably the only gripe with the gun.

I know due to the design (ie no leverage) it’s going to feel clunky but the other night I single loaded some pellets without the magazine and it was so much easier to load.

Looking closely at the mag under my loupe the left side of the pellet hole on the mag was showing signs of marking where the probe was going through.  This was especially notable on the first pellet hole (the one under most Spring tension). 

Obviously when the probe is going through the spring tension is pushing the mag centre round and gripping the probe.   The edges of the mag centre are sharp and angular, not ideal for something making its way through easily (hence the damage on the edges)

So, stripped the mag down and filed all the sharp edges of the mag centre and sanded them smooth.  Mag back together with some silicone lube and it’s so much better!  Wish I’d done it months ago!  Now the probe goes through without catching or scraping.

Here you can see the damage the probe was doing.  Look at the pellet guide in the 5 o clock position, you can see where the probe is hitting it..

This shows how sharp the edges are 

File edges