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“Scott_MCT”This is why the American work force is so much more productive.  Shutting down your entire production for the length of the summer is a poor business decision.  You rotate employees in and out and make sure they take vacation in a staggered way so production keeps going.  

Not sure that’s true. There are a number of countries which are more productive than America. Switzerland is, apparently, the most productive country in the world and their government mandates a minimum of five weeks paid vacation. 

The Swedes are only slightly less productive but they have that 6 hour work day thing. They are much happier people too (according to the internet which is never wrong). Work-life-balance and family is important to them. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are some of the wealthiest countries in the world and have some of the highest living standards. They really do very well for themselves and make some great products.