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“zebra”Please can you post a few more pics of it? I’d like to see a close-up of the stock if you have time.

Did you notice any change in accuracy when moving to the new stock?

It looks awesome btw. I love seeing Steve Corcoran’s work. 

Here you go”

This design really helps the rifle settle in to a front rest & rear bag. It also adds a bit of weight which is normally a desirable trait for benchrest shooting. 

That is one sweet stock!

You definitely want that extra weight for BR and I love the flat underside on the forearm. It makes for one super stable shooting platform and, against all odds, it manages to look harmonious with the bottle. 

The only BR stocks I have seen which come close is the ones from these guys:

Some of the BR / FT stocks they make for Daystate and FX guns look spectacular (although they work with composites instead of wood).