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“PlanB”Now i have another question if youhave time. My fx royale 400, the one that i sent u the shot string for. It has got loud, it has a hugget and its louder than the r500 with fx shroud. it seems that my tune made it loud? is loud always bad?

The R400 has got a 100mm shorter barrel and a smaller shroud than the R500.
When you increase the hst, more air is used, thus a bit more noise.
My R500 always seemed to be a bit more quiet than the R400, even in stock form.
When you increase the regulator pressure, and readjust the hammer spring tension to get the same speed as you have now, it will likely be a bit more quiet.
Due to the higher starting pressure, the pellet receives a shorter but more powerful pulse of air to push the pellet forward.
With other words, the acceleration will be higher in the first part of the barrel, and less air will be wasted. Less waisted air means also less noise.
I tried this with my long barreled .177 LG110 Steyr, and with a high reg. pressure and the power set at 12ft/lbs, a silencer was actually not needed.
In stock form, it barked like a dog ☺