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I’ve updated the listing for the remaining items.  Only the Scope and Warne rings are remaining.

For the Athlon Midas BTR, I forgot to mention that although the specs says it parallax at 30 yds, this is up to 27x magnification. At 4.5x I can use it at 15 yds with a clear shooting imagine. I can even read an eye chart at 15 yds through the scope with a focused reticle so it’s definitely an airgun friendly optic.

For bullpup fans, it balances nicely.  Here’s a photo of it on an Edgun R3M Standard where I had used it briefly.  Great airgun reticle and glass is excellent that rivals many in the $1K price range. I just have more scopes than guns at the moment and this is my only 2nd focal plane scope so I’ve decided to sell it to fund more toys. I strongly believe whomever buys this will be very happy. It’s an excellent scope.